A corporate event is any form of event, hospitality or social activity which is organized or funded by a business entity. Businesses organize events for many reasons, they may want to educate, reward, motivate, celebrate, mark key milestones, manage organizational change or encourage collaboration. Whatever the reason may be, there is an event solution.
By holding corporate events, organizations usually aim at entertaining or rewarding their staff, launching new products, establishing partnerships, and more. While some corporations choose to entrust such meetings to an in-house event planner, others hire external corporate event professionals.


Seminars are similar in aim to conferences in that they also provide an opportunity for companies and individuals operating in the same industry or sector to get together in order to learn from one another or to share information and network. However, seminars are usually more formal in their educative efforts in that, one speaker typically addresses the entire group, and the entire group are always in the same place at the same time.
In other words, seminars offer attendees less choice and variety than conferences and are more focused on a singular topic.Information exchange is typically more one-directional, and seminars are typically day or half-day events as opposed to weekend (or longer) affairs.


Team building events are in-house events aimed at boosting morale, improving on employee communication skills, and encouraging employees to work together efficiently.Team building events should be fun, and should boost employee confidence and build on the company’s strengths. Corporate team-building events can be anything from solving mental puzzles to completing complex outdoor obstacle courses as a team, or working together to solve riddles on a scavenger hunt.
There are a number of operations that specialize in corporate team-building, and the kind of activity you choose for your team building exercise will depend on the skills you are especially trying to foster among employees, and the age, physical fitness levels and general common interests of your specific group of employees.Team-building events are typically half-day to full day events and usually take place during office hours in lieu of work as employees tend to resent using their weekends to work on team building, which would not be a good start to morale boosting!


Trade shows and expos are large-scale events that include multiple vendors or exhibitors whose area of operations fall under the umbrella industry being represented by/at the trade show.Companies may choose to attend trade shows as exhibitors in an effort to reach potential customers, other members of the industry, or to source and connect with suppliers.
Organizations who host trade shows typically do so in an effort to establish themselves as industry leaders among those who attend and/or choose to exhibit in their trade show.Event management musts for a trade show include negotiating sponsorship rates for trade show booth space, organizing celebrity guests or keynote speakers, advertising, promotional material and marketing strategies, etc.Staff and cocktail-style catering may also require coordinating.


Business or Corporate dinners can be many things, and the aim will determine the location and duration of said dinner.If the dinner is an in-house strategy session, for example, a catered dinner in the office boardroom might be most conducive to a working dinner.
However, if the corporate dinner is an attempt to woo a prospective client over dinner, the dinner might be held at a formal restaurant and may conclude at a reasonable hour. Another different kind of corporate dinner may be the team-building dinner, or a celebratory dinner, where the only aim is to boost morale and let team members get to know one another better.
No matter what the aim of your corporate dinner, ‘The Rolling Cube’ can help you plan and execute it flawlessly.


Product launch events can range from small in-house meetings to ensure all levels in the organizational hierarchy are kept up to date, to massive, glitzy parties geared toward building a hype surrounding an upcoming product.
Product launch events are most commonly held by businesses geared toward producing and selling products to consumers – these prospective consumers and the media being key invitees to the launch event.
Media coverage is one of the key aims of hosting a launch event, and launch events may include swag bags and other such giveaways, a guest speaker or celebrity guests, and dinner/canapés/champagne and even live entertainment depending on the industry.


Annual holiday parties or year-end functions are a company’s opportunity to show their employees how much another year of hard work and loyal service has meant to them.
A very versatile event, year-end functions can be hosted on a shoestring budget, or can be lavish outings to luxurious restaurants, theaters or the like.
Whether your company is planning to host the event in the office and is just looking for a little help sourcing vendors like catering, staff, bar staff, bar set-up, clean-up crew etc, or whether your company has said “the sky’s the limit” and told you to plan a holiday party nobody will ever forget, we here at ‘The Rolling Cube’ look forward to working with you on making your holiday party dreams come true!